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Our directors are legal professionals who started work on building sites from a young age.


Since then, they've managed residential builders, developers, building contracts and subcontracts.

They have over 100 years of combined industry experience with first-hand knowledge of the property cycles since the early 1970's.

Their passion is residential property development through BuilDevelop and its unique Off the Feasibility® concept of property development.



Off the Feasibility®

What you pay & earn

Cost Range.png

The costs and equity generated vary with the size and value of an apartment

Compare acquiring a new $1M strata apartment

(*assume 18 month completion, 80% LVR, nil capital gain or decline by completion, NSW transfer duty applies)


Off the Feasibility® 

Off the Plan

You make money - $120,000 in bricks and mortar equity

The cash cost is less - $80,000

on completion having initially

invested $280,000

You make nothing - $nil



The cash cost is more - $240,490 on completion

You pay less - save $160,490

Your return is superior - plus 25% IRR

You pay more - an additional $160,490


Your return is inferior - minus 20% IRR

Interested in building and developing

Off the Feasibility® ?



Don't let your equity in an off the plan property investment be used as a pre-sale to underwrite a developer or as your speculative play on rising markets. Instead, use your equity to underwrite yourself, with others doing the same, by building and developing your own apartment(s) in a project.

We analyse and disclose by project (macro) and apartment by apartment (micro) the property development cost, value, time and contingencies, obtain and satisfy non-recourse finance# and monitor performance of the process.

#includes valuation & quantity surveyors report


Off the Feasibility ® provides a process to convert purchasers of off the plan property investments, first home buyers, landowners with development potential/approval and contractors into micro developers of their own apartment(s).

Each owner contributes their part of the development site to complete the macro project. Success of the development is not dependant on pre-sales, the owners already own the completed strata apartments which they hold separately to the exclusion of the others.


Through our documentation the project is 100% pre-held by each of the owners. They individually micro develop each apartment accounting for its costs and tax obligations based on the owners circumstances.



Compare the Advantages

of building and developing Off the Feasibility®

Don't pay $1,040,490 for a new $1M apartment*
Property Investors / Buyers own two units with the equity to buy one

Pay $880,000 instead. Save $160,490. Make $120,000 in bricks and mortar equity. Acquire the apartment for $80,000 cash on completion having invested $280,000 on commencement* 

Don't wait years for capital gain to be repaid
Parent to Child beat the first home "affordability gap"

Your child could repay you $200,000 in 18 months having built and developed a new $1M apartment generating $120,000 in bricks and mortar equity*

Don't just work on a builder's site
Contractors have pride in buiding a project you own a part of

Work on a project where you are building and developing an apartment for yourself

Don't spend or under invest your option fees
Land Owners gain more from the best use of your land

Invest the option fee with us and share in the uplift value of your property and also acquire one or more new apartments in addition to the purchase price of your property

Don't risk equity by selling off the plan

Retain more apartments for the same cash outlay without being exposed to settlement risk off the plan 

Frequently asked questions

What's Off the Feasibility®?

It's where YOU build and develop your own apartment. There is no single property developer and no off the plan sales. We manage the process for our property investors.

How can I generate 12% bricks and mortar equity?

Example: $1 million apartment generating 12% equity Off the Feasibility®

  • Value of apartment: $1 million
  • Cost of apartment: $880,000
  • Generated equity: $120,000
The Cost of $880,000 is payable in two tranches:
  • Initial Cost at commencement: $280,000
  • Final Cost on completion: $600,000
On completion:
  • You generate a developers profit/margin of $120,000 (12%) by building and developing your own apartment
  • If you borrow $800,000 against your apartment (80% LVR), after paying the Final Cost, you can re-mburse youself $200,000 of your Initial Cost - your cash outlay is $80,000
  • Alternatively, if you borrow $600,000 against your apartment (60% LVR), after paying the Final Cost, you have an income earning investment which is likely to be cashflow positive
Compared with a similar off the plan purchase, Off the Feasibility®:
  • Cushions you from falling property values
  • Any capital gain is a bonus, not a speculative play on rising values
  • The rental yield will always be greater as the cost base is reduced by the generated equity

What's the problem with off the plan?

Without pre-sales its very unlikely a developer will get underway with a project.

The off the plan purchaser underwrites the developer’s project.

The purchaser typically pays a small deposit and speculates on rising capital values by completion.

But if capital values fall the development can fail. There is a very real risk the purchasers will default because tighter credit policies require more equity from them by completion.

What's your solution to off the plan?

We have the exclusive right to manage the Off the Feasibility® concept of property development.

Off the Feasibility® provides a unique opportunity for property investors to build and develop new lots (apartments / offices / shops / land) in a property development to generate a return for themselves.

The success of a BuilDevelop residential project is not dependent on converting pre-sales to end-sales.

Why is that so? Because shareholders generate a return for themselves without speculating on rising markets and they already own their apartments on completion.

Is Off the Feasibility® a safe investment?

Yes because the project is, all in all, complete before it starts!

  • Investor cash is held in trust until required to proceed with the project
  • The project does not proceed until all cash and borrowing is available
  • The project lender requires a valuation confirming the gross realisation from a registered valuer and a construction costing from a quantity surveyor
  • There is no settlement risk because there are no pre-sales. And finance is arranged at project commencement to refinance the project lender. This is available to each investor secured over their apartment at about 60% LVR. Alternatively, investors can arrange their own refinance in a timely manner
  • The builder is an associate of BuilDevelop


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