Want to avoid building contract disputes? Engage construction lawyers who focus on YOUR success!

Will your venture succeed? You're into the build as an Owner, you've paid the amounts in the original contract but your Builder isn't on site, the work seemed to be slowing but now, its stopped. Or, you're the Builder, you did the extra work in the amended plans received from the Owner but the Owner only pays for the original work, and now claims liquidated damages for the extra time you've spent working on the variations. This venture is headed for dispute and failure for both the Owner and the Builder!

Your Site Condition should be - As Owner: know my capacity to pay; As Builder: know my profit margin; and, Both Owner & Builder: manage my contract.

BuilDevelop Legal

Provides access to building and construction contract counsel, lawyers and specialist consultants to assist with money claims, time claims and dispute procedures for owners, builders and developers. Try our Building Contract "Health Check". Get a FREE initial 45 minute meeting with a barrister or lawyer. And coming soon, BuilDocs interactive documents to help you manage your building contract and be dispute ready. We deal with HIA, Master Builders and other industry standard contract forms.